Friday, November 6, 2009

Meet Me in the Sky

As all the days pass by,
it becomes more clear why,
man was never meant to fly.
For what is one life's cost?
As we're praying for the lost,
till tears drown our eyes.
I know you can here me,
I've so much to say,
as I feel my hopes just slipping away.
Cause life has a reason,
and life has a price,
and wouldn't it be nice?
To meet me in the sky,
where dreams never die.
Oh won't you meet me in the sky?
Watch as all the birds pass us by.
So I'll be sure to meet you in the sky,
Cause I'll grow wings and fly,
promise me you'll do the same.
Nothing's worth a tear in your eye,
don't see the world in such disdain.
So meet me in the sky,
if time would never pass us by.
Just meet me in the sky,
even if it's just to get by.
Meet me in the sky.
I never knew how high I could reach,
now I know your always near.
Walking along Heaven's beach,
And your song had lead me right here.
So promise to meet me in the sky,

Thursday, October 29, 2009

1 Cents Worth of Significance

What ho? Upon the tattered streets,
it seems nobody can hear,
the call of the forgotten values once held true and dear,
We can make up our petty lies and never reveal the truth,
and put what really bothers them far off and aloof,
a simple penny on the ground may seem like nothing at all,
put as it erodes, consider the fate it must soon befall,
for upon the horizons lie dreams of the fallen,
and such pennies do as well,
but until it is held in a higher light,
its dreams we can not tell,
all is lost if we do not see what's right before our eyes,
and it hits when you find your one cent short,
of ordering some fries

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Feathers on the Horizon

As the majestic bird scans the horizon and fixes his gaze upon that place, the happiness he may never know, for this bird knows of the world below, thus down there he shan't go, or be killed, roasted, and served for show, so he must stare, but dares not go, or it shall be the last decision he will ever know.
Glides it does, across the night, with fearless ambition in it's eye, to capture the moment, capture the dream, and maybe capture adventure, so it may seem, but one thing is certain and one thing is true, he is capable of more then you thought he could do, because in his body lies a soul, one that burns and is never cold, one that sees the world and what it can be, a soul that burns as bright as humanity.
As upon the promised destiny, the bird flew off, both wild and free, to uphold the world's promise of a better life, and to overcome the toil and strife, he lunged out, into the open sea, but not too long later, he was shot down for a bite to eat, we remember this bird, and his bid to be free, and uncuff the shackles that effected you, him, and me.
Upon the roasting of thine meat, upon the cooking of thine feet, the smokes and ashes of freedom burn away as as the price of freedom the bird did pay, but not all is lost, for the power of dreams, can overcome obstacles a plenty, it seems, for he took a chance, he took a risk, even though the lord did not bliss, he may know rest there, in a world beyond, perhaps realizing his earth life is gone, but, it is not to say his life is nevermore, or to say he met his fate upon the distant shore, but to understand his dream forever, and why he will truly die, never.

To a Temptress

Along the fruited plains, it seems
that I have recalled quite the dream.
Despite what others may have said,
here I stand, innerly dead.
I couldn't foresee this turn of events,
or that my life was filled with such suspense.
As per, my call to arms,
I dare not wish to cause them harm.
For just across the valley there,
gazes a more feared enemy, both common and rare.
It lives, despite what others may say,
and stares us all down everyday.
But choose to look back, this we could do,
and risk placing the burden on you.
But the fact that choice is what we seek,
leaves this gazing temptress low and weak.
Which gives me the power to say,
live life, but, have a great day.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sullen Paradise

Somber cross the whitest sand
Combing cross the driest land.
See only what is and what may be,
As the horizons span indefinitely.
Catch the oceans' gentle breeze,
Mind, body, soul, at ease.
But hath so, we can not stay,
As the mold drop off upon this day.

Monday, August 17, 2009

I Found a Vision

This vision I have, deep inside
It is my strength, my power, my might.
It took me all this time to see,
what you truly mean to me.
This is the truth, I know it to be,
this feeling I have is setting me free.
Given that roses are red and violets are blue,
but neither compare to the sight of you.
Sometimes this feeling makes others sigh,
and others still that they would just die.
But the wonder that comes from thinking of you,
is now all expressed in a poem, its true.

My Private Nation

To create my own private nation,
all I need is this.
The warmth of a kindling fire,
with sweet, pure happiness.
This nation that I rule,
in it all will be free,
whether black or white, Latino or Muslim,
and all that's in between.
This nation that I rule,
all will feel just right,
with hills, and peace, and serenity,
and a concert every night.
Others will view my private nation,
and they will criticize,
but I don't mind, cause they can't see,
the nation through my mind.
Come visit sometime.

Have some Heaven

All things happen for a reason,
the times they change just like seasons.
Loved ones may pass away,
but their presence here to stay.
And though you may ask "why?",
all these good people have to die,
may bring a few tears to your eye.
But they have Heaven,
they have all they need to thrive.
They have Heaven,
and that means no one really dies.
And if you have heaven,
that's something none can take away,
It's not about how much you pray,
to have a little peace in your day.
I have Heaven, and I know I always will,
it made me feel weightless, and like time was standing still.
She's my Heaven, made me feel like I could fly,
and this vision will live forever, so I shall never die.

Hello world!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen of the blogging universe, I am a new entry into your world and this is my first post. As of now, I'll try and blog as best I can about the things I know the most about, once I get a few more followers, I'll begin to take requests on recent movies and things of that nature. But alot of my blog time will be devoted to posting some of my poetry on here so if your into that more in it for you :)
So, I hope you'll all enjoy reading my blogs as I'll enjoy writing them, try to be nice, as I am new, lol