Monday, August 17, 2009

Have some Heaven

All things happen for a reason,
the times they change just like seasons.
Loved ones may pass away,
but their presence here to stay.
And though you may ask "why?",
all these good people have to die,
may bring a few tears to your eye.
But they have Heaven,
they have all they need to thrive.
They have Heaven,
and that means no one really dies.
And if you have heaven,
that's something none can take away,
It's not about how much you pray,
to have a little peace in your day.
I have Heaven, and I know I always will,
it made me feel weightless, and like time was standing still.
She's my Heaven, made me feel like I could fly,
and this vision will live forever, so I shall never die.

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  1. My most recent poem, not my best work of course but see what you think.