Saturday, February 27, 2010

Waiting on Some Faith

Weary and weak, the days fly by,
Never the time needed to stop and notice what's close by.
Blinded in our present by a tumultuous past,
and how much longer can this feeling last?
But when He spoke to me,
He spoke of destiny.
And somehow, someway,
I knew exactly where I had to be.
You can hear it in the voices,
as they litter across the street.
You can catch it in the wind,
blowing on across the peak.
You can find it somewhere,
Not too high but not too deep.
Somewhere in between lies your calling,
just don't be afraid of falling.
It will catch you in it's arms,
covert the meek into the strong,
Take you higher than Mt. Everest,
And farther than the moon,
a little faith, a little patience,
your time shall come soon.

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